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Por-Bajin - twierdza, letnia rezydencja, świątynia czy obserwatorium astronomiczne?

Por-Bajin (VIII-IX wiek), jeden z najbardziej tajemniczych obiektów archeologicznych na terenie dzisiejszej Federacji Rosyjskiej.

"Por-Bajin is an ancient fortress the ruins of which are preserved on an island in the middle of Tere-Khol Lake in a distant, almost not affected by civilization corner of the Republic of Tyva, not far from the Mongolian border.

Por-Bajin is legally treated as one of the most mysterious archaeological monuments of Russia. Apparently, it was built at the period of the Uighur Khaganate (744-840). But it is not clear what did they build a fortress for in such a solitary place – far from big settlements and trade routes.

It is also unclear whether Por-Bajin was a defensive structure, a Buddhist or Manichaean temple or a summer residence of Khagan. There is even a version that there was an ancient observatory in it. The architecture of the fortress also produces many questions; it reminds a model of an ideal Chinese city-palace.

Finally, it has been unknown for long whether the structure was built on the island or the lake was formed later, around the already built fortress."

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